Before your first appointment

Decide what you wish to accomplish. Which rooms will you be redecorating, and what types of new products would enhance each room (window treatments, furniture or re-upholstery, bedding, rugs/flooring, wall coverings, lighting, accessories)? What are your current priorities? Do you have immediate needs as well as long-term ideas? Is there a special event or timetable we’ll be working around?

Gather your ideas. If possible, spend some time browsing through decorating magazines before our appointment and tear out pictures that illustrate the style you would like to create. Discuss your ideas with anyone that could affect the overall design. Having all interested parties participate can save time and potential frustration when making important decisions.

Establish your budget. There is no single, correct answer when determining your decorating budget. However, it would be inaccurate to say that you have no budget at all. Budgeting is a realistic part of the redecorating process and we all have a range in which we feel comfortable. The amount you invest toward your specific project depends on the priorities of your family. Priorities may vary from person to person within the household, so please discuss your budget with anyone who may influence the buying decision. This will enable me to better serve you. Because decorating with custom products offers a high degree of flexibility, we will work hard to help you create the look you desire within the budget you have established.

Have fun and ENJOY! If you have completed the above tips, our appointment can be very productive and enjoyable. We’ll talk about our ideas and begin making them a reality. Our first appointment will include: a home tour (which gives us a feel of your existing style and allows you to explain changes you would like to make), a discussion of your priority projects, formulation of a master plan and a review of my design portfolio.

We are excited to meet with you and to begin making your decorating dreams a reality.